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Park Rules

To ensure a safe, clean, and fun environment, all guests of The Indoor Dog Park must abide by the following Park Rules. At their discretion, management reserves the right to cease service or revoke membership if they feel a member is in violation of any rule. Play at your own risk.

  • Owners are always legally responsible for the behavior of their dog and their party.

  • Owners may not leave their dog unattended.

  • Dogs must be leashed before entering and when departing The Indoor Dog Park.

  • Owners must clean up all dog waste IMMEDIATELY and dispose of it properly.

  • Children under the age of 18 must always be accompanied and supervised by an adult. 

  • Dogs must be properly licensed, vaccinated, and free of parasites. 

  • Aggressive dogs are not permitted.

  • All amenities and equipment are for use by dogs only.

  • Sick dogs, dogs in heat, and puppies under the age of 16 weeks are not permitted.

  • Dog owners are legally responsible for any damages (to the park and/or other members) caused by their dog.

Members of the Park are always welcome. The Indoor Dog Park does not allow Non-Member walk-ins. All non-member visits are by appointment only.

For a complete description of all rules, terms, conditions, and policies, please read the Use Agreement.

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