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Virtual Discovery Meeting

Straight from the experts, learn how to create a Park just like ours.


The Indoor Dog Park is designed, built, and operated by Jon and Sarah. With their combined expertise in the world of dogs, the world of commercial construction, and business operations, these two invested nearly $5,000,000 into research, design, and development of the worlds first and only true indoor dog park. It is one of a kind. You're here because you're interested in what it takes to create a business like this for yourself. Whether you're starting from nothing or starting with plans in mind, save yourself loads of time, effort, and money by learning directly from Jon and Sarah themselves. During this Discovery Meeting, you'll meet with the experts to discuss your aspirations, current state, and next steps. You'll receive specific guidance on how to propel your dream forward, no matter what stage of the process you're currently in. Even if you're in the idea stage and wondering if you can do it or if it's worth it, Jon and Sarah will help you quickly and efficiently explore this very important question and help you get the data to support the demand in your specific market. If you already have a location, but are struggling on the design and build, you've reached the right place. If you're already open and having a hard time marketing, pricing, staying organized, or attracting and maintaining ideal clientele, you've reached the right place. There's a wealth of knowledge to gain from experts that have achieved great success. This business is not for everyone. Although, anyone can do it. Learn from the experts before making costly mistakes and navigating this expedition on your own. After this initial Discovery Meeting, future sessions may be scheduled to continue regular mentorship during your journey.

Contact Details

The Indoor Dog Park, Rochester Road, Cranberry Township, PA, USA

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